Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Actually Creating a Website!!!

I’ve been away a while because my computer has been acting up – technology hasn’t yet been taught that it’s bad manners to sulk and refuse to do as you’re told!

I’m back now and good friends with my computer again, and I’m putting together one of my money making ideas - my new affiliate website. I must say that it fills me with pride to be able to say that as I never would have thought I would be doing something like creating a website – and it was a daunting thought for sure! Turns out is isn’t quite as daunting in practice though.

I’ve been watching the Point and Click Coaching, step-by-step videos and doing exactly as James (Lee’s technical man) does. It makes life so simple as I can keep going back if I want to and James has been on hand if I really can’t fathom something.

One problem has been that since doing the videos there have been some changes on the websites I need to visit to get my domain name, hosting, ftp etc (see what I mean – they just trip of the tongue!) and I haven’t recognised on my screen, what’s being shown on the video. However,
Because I can actually see it, at least I can be sure if something has moved to a different location on the page that it is the right thing to click.

Anyway, I’m almost done and since I have to do other things during the day too, I hope to have it finished in the next day or so.

For me this has been an absolutely amazing thing to do, having tried other things in the past that have been too technical and I’ve had to give up. This really IS a step-by-step, hold your hand programme and I thank my lucky stars I found it.

That said, if you’re more experienced as I know many of Lee’s group are, it’s still a great buy as he has so many new and innovative ideas that the feedback from these guys has been demonstrating. It just means they don’t need the videos quite as much as people like me.