Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Actually Creating a Website!!!

I’ve been away a while because my computer has been acting up – technology hasn’t yet been taught that it’s bad manners to sulk and refuse to do as you’re told!

I’m back now and good friends with my computer again, and I’m putting together one of my money making ideas - my new affiliate website. I must say that it fills me with pride to be able to say that as I never would have thought I would be doing something like creating a website – and it was a daunting thought for sure! Turns out is isn’t quite as daunting in practice though.

I’ve been watching the Point and Click Coaching, step-by-step videos and doing exactly as James (Lee’s technical man) does. It makes life so simple as I can keep going back if I want to and James has been on hand if I really can’t fathom something.

One problem has been that since doing the videos there have been some changes on the websites I need to visit to get my domain name, hosting, ftp etc (see what I mean – they just trip of the tongue!) and I haven’t recognised on my screen, what’s being shown on the video. However,
Because I can actually see it, at least I can be sure if something has moved to a different location on the page that it is the right thing to click.

Anyway, I’m almost done and since I have to do other things during the day too, I hope to have it finished in the next day or so.

For me this has been an absolutely amazing thing to do, having tried other things in the past that have been too technical and I’ve had to give up. This really IS a step-by-step, hold your hand programme and I thank my lucky stars I found it.

That said, if you’re more experienced as I know many of Lee’s group are, it’s still a great buy as he has so many new and innovative ideas that the feedback from these guys has been demonstrating. It just means they don’t need the videos quite as much as people like me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Brilliant Discovery!

I want to explain to you about Lee McIntyre and his Point and Click Coaching – Free DVD offer which I think is absolutely awesome!

If you’re like me you've searched for money making ideas and tried many different ways over a long period of time (around 3-4 years in my case) to create an online business, but I’ve been foiled by the sheer extent of the learning curve and the technology.

By now you're probably very disillusioned - I know I was! It wasn't like I was expecting to make quick cash, but when you've worked long and hard and earned almost nothing from your endeavours (in fact it cost me a lot of money) it is very, very dis-heartening.

Admittedly some programmes I joined were very helpful in that they told me WHAT I needed to do, but they didn't tell me HOW to do it myself. As a result I became really fed up and frustrated with constantly ‘getting stuck’ because I couldn’t get over the hurdles that confronted me!’

I guess, like many people, I became so accustomed to being ripped off, tricked into buying products on the premise that I absolutely needed them to succeed, that they would help me to make lots of money or would be the difference in my internet business between succeeding and failing – but in the end they didn’t deliver.

We’ve all been let down on quality, found that when the money is paid we've received little or no support, and so on… and you don’t have to do this too many times to become extremely cautious and cynical when something comes along that seems just TOO good to be true.

What I desperately needed were three things:

1. To be taken me by the hand and lead step-by-step through the process.

2. To have money making ideas that would have cash coming in quickly. (Nothing spurs you on as much as success!)

3. To be able to trust in the programme and the person running it!

What a relief it was to come across Lee McIntyre and his Point and Click Coaching Programme!

The Free Offer

As someone full of money making ideas, one of Lee's main philosophies is also to give first... sell second. It's one of the BIG secrets to his fast online success. So he could have done what he originally intended and sold it as part of a high-end training boxed-set with a pretty hefty price tag... somewhere in the region of $1,997.

But that's not how Lee built his online business... so he’s not doing that! Instead he’s doing something that’s a bit off-the-wall, but it’s true to his philosophy. He's actually decided to give away the workshop recordings completely FREE. (...yes, you read that correctly!)

So to get in on this incredible offer before you miss out altogether, (and by the way, it includes a 14 day trial of his $5,000 Coaching Programme you need to go to the following page right now and take advantage of this before its too late:

Seriously, Lee is giving away the entire workshop recording for free! So here's your chance to learn from one of the top marketers in the UK right now - a man who built his current $1m business by doing things differently from the way most of the big gurus teach.

I think you'll be completely taken by surprise when you witness his money making techniques and the speed at which his methods can be followed to build your business in the fastest possible time, step-by-step.

So – if you’re like I was in wanting not just the facts but also the know-how, the resources and the hand-held approach, then don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Grab it with both hands while you still can - I know I didn't regret it and you won't either!

While I'm not guaranteeing you'll necessarily earn money quick, you'll certainly have a better than normal chance if you follow the advice on Lee's Free DVD!

The Workshop

I count myself very fortunate to have come across Lee as he's a top UK Internet Marketer who has some of the best money making ideas I've come across. He recently presented his "Inside Out / Upside Down" Workshop in Manchester UK where he taught the exact steps he'd taken to build his business and to start earning $20,000 per month – from scratch - in just 56 days! And he did it his own way, not the way most other so-called ‘marketing gurus’ do it.

He taught it to enthralled participants (and as an ex high school teacher before starting his online business, I can tell you he is extremely good at teaching!)

He revealed exactly what's working in his business right now - no secrets - and, what's more, the bulk of the closely-guarded strategies and techniques Lee teaches are ones he invented himself so there is no-one else teaching them!

(Yes - that means that HE went through the difficult process of 'working things out' and 'getting stuck' until he found what worked, so that WE don't have to!)

For two days - Lee wowed his audience with his teachings on ‘The Massive Monthly Payrise Method’, ‘Deep Connection Dynamics’, ‘Automatic Traffic Control’, and his ‘Affiliate Army Method’... to name but a few! In fact, the attendees in their feedback said they were utterly amazed by the sheer amount of profitable 'how to' information he shared over that two days.

(I think it's worth pointing out that many of the people attending had paid $997 for the ticket alone, not to mention the cost of accommodation and travel, but given the feedback Lee received over the two days regarding how valuable it was, he could have charged many times that price!)

Sadly, Lee has stated that he won't be teaching this workshop ever again as it was a one-off. Its fortunate then that he had a professional camera crew present to record the entire workshop and capture every profitable strategy and golden nugget of marketing information delivered over the two full days!

You can now get the recording, on DVD, and in it he reveals many of his money making ideas for FREE!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Questions Answered

My, my there certainly are a lot of sceptics out there – and I don’t blame you! The Point and Click Coaching Free DVD is an amazing offer. So – to those of you who doubt, who are cautious, who don’t believe it’s any different from all the others out there sharing their money making techniques, I fully understand. Like I said before – I’ve been there!

So while I'm clearly totally impressed by the Point and Click Coaching Programme and the free DVD offer, I've been asked a number of key questions about it which I have responded to here:

1. What’s Different About the Point and Click Coaching Approach?
As I said before, Lee doesn’t just TELL you what to do, he SHOWS you; he takes you step-by-step, he provides resources (like templates, sample articles etc) he gives lots of examples, he tells you ‘why’ you should do one thing rather than another, he recommends products and strategies and so on…

2. Why Should I Trust This Offer?
The question really is – what have you got to lose? You’ll get the recording of the two-day Point and Click Coaching Workshop Free DVD including Lee's best money making ideas and a 14 day Free Trial of Lee’s Point and Click Coaching programme.

There’s such a lot of useful information there, and if you decide not to carry on to the paid Coaching programme you can cancel and there’s nothing to pay. In addition, if you do continue and feel that it’s not worth it – there’s a cast iron guarantee that you can get your money back – no questions asked – by just sending an email.

But the questions is - why would you do that when it seems to me there's a better-than-average chance for you to get money quick than with most other opportunties I've seen?

3. Is the DVD REALLY Free?
If you want the Free DVD you do have to pay shipping and handling, which I don’t think is unreasonable. I can’t imagine that anyone would expect Lee to pay for this and he does tell you this upfront.

I believe (don’t quote me) that it costs around $6.95 to have it delivered within the US where the shipping is done from and $9.95 (about £6.35) to have it delivered in the UK and probably internationally)

Lee knows that not everyone will continue, and with a quick email he will readily cancel so there’s absolutely NO RISK to you. However, he also knows that he’s excited a lot of people and many of them, just like me, won’t want to stop!

Personally I had the free DVD (which is downloadable immediately and is truly amazing) and the trial of his coaching programme and I took the decision quite early on that I wanted to continue after the trial period as I wanted to get access to even more of his money making techniques.

4. So How Long Does It Take to Deliver the DVD?
I really don’t know because it depends where you live – on average I guess, maybe a week, maybe two?

I recognise this could be a very frustrating experience if you’re all fired up and raring to go, but don’t worry because you’ll get IMMEDIATE digital access, straight from your computer! You’ll be able to start watching straight away – well, 5 minutes after signing up, getting your email asking you to confirm, sending that back and receiving your next email with all the details you need to log on!

5. Is it Too Good to Be True?
I can understand that you may be wondering why anyone would give away this much information if it’s so valuable that he could easily, and does easily, sell such things for profit! It’s just TOO good to be true. There’s clearly something very suspicious about someone who does this.

Well, only if your mindset is still with the notion that all internet marketers are scammers and they’ll do you down, in fact they’ll do almost anything to get what they want!

So, let’s look at this situation for a moment; here’s a product that:

• could be the answer to your problems in trying to earn money on the internet.

• has the ‘missing elements’ that everything else you’ve tried doesn’t have i.e. Lee’s Point and Click Coaching programme doesn’t just tell you what you need to do – he shows you and he provides you with resources! More than that, it’s an honest, ethical programme!

• his DVD records the entire weekend of the ‘Upside Down – Inside Out Workshop’ (apart from the social bits where they’re chatting and drinking beer and sambuca.) The people there actually paid as much as $997 excluding transport, hotel, food, transit etc– but you can get the same information for free!

• offers in addition a free 2 week trial of his $5,000 coaching programme

• enables you to work at your own pace as you get weekly ‘lessons’ on video with assignments to do so you take the theory that he has shown you, take the resources he provides and then – actually TAKE ACTION!

All of this is part of his proven Blue Print for creating a $20,000 per month business.

Since I have no idea how long this offer will last, I encourage you to act NOW – you’ll kick yourself if you miss out!

6. What is Lee McIntyre’s Motive?
I was wondering what was stopping some of you from grabbing this DVD offer with both hands, and I’ve realised - you’re worried about his motive.

Well, Lee makes no bones about it. He’s really upfront about the fact that he’s trying to ‘ethically bribe’ you. He also freely admits that the percentage of people who see the DVD then continue on to the paid coaching programme is fairly high, and that many people also go on to buy some of his other products too. Well after all – he is in this business to earn money and if he wasn’t doing that you wouldn’t think much of him as an internet marketer would you? In which case you wouldn’t want to listen to what he had to say!

But the fact is that he is earning money and at the same time he is giving excellent value to people like us so that we can go on to make a living on the internet too, using the same successful methods he’s using. I hope you get that! He has become extremely successful and he’s showing us so WE can become successful, just by following in his footsteps.

When you’re in the supermarket and there’s a free sample (usually a very tiny sample) of cheese, or wine, or whatever… do you think no - I’m not going to take that because I know they want me to buy the product and they’ll make money from it?

Or when you go into a store to buy a new mp3 player or washing machine – do you think to yourself that part of the cost is going into the pocket of the retailer so you won’t buy it?

It’s the same kind of thing. In my view the issue isn’t whether someone makes money, it’s whether they make money – at my expense – that is, they exploit me. That clearly isn’t the case here. The point is that both sides benefit as Lee is giving his customers very good value.

7. So Where is The ‘Catch’?
Well, it depends how you look at it! For me the catch was that he does try to sell you some other things along the way, although he is very upfront about the fact that he has a continuity programme. While I’ve always been averse to that, I only have to say no – and quite frankly, I have so far bought one other thing from him (a first for me) and I’ve not been disappointed!

My Observations

When I see what I’ve written about Point and Click Coaching, I have to say I’m quite - no, VERY - surprised. I never thought I’d be writing these things about ANY internet business or programme, given that I’m so sceptical. But I’ve been so impressed that my attitude, in this instance at least, has completely changed.

While it’s true my antenna was alerted, I also thought it looked very interesting and different so I figured there would be no harm in at least taking a look. At least I would possibly learn some money making tips! But do you know what? I’m so glad I did as I got much more!

I watched and listened to Lee McIntyre on the Point and Click Coaching DVD. He wasn’t just making a video recording, he was teaching live with actual people who could challenge him there and then if they wanted to – but they didn’t. And as I watched I understood why.

This guy is genuine! Like me he comes from a 'person-centred' profession – in his case formal education and in mine, both informal education and welfare – and he works in a way that resonates with me. That’s great news because I’d begun to believe that integrity and helping people couldn’t sit easily alongside internet marketing. But Lee’s philosophy is that if you give to and help people, many of them will reciprocate by helping you.

Now for me this is very important. My driving force is, and always has been, helping others – that’s just the way it is. However, I also need to make some money! That proved to be extremely difficult for someone living in a foreign country and whose language skills are not sufficiently honed to easily work in a rural area of France where unemployment is very high. The internet was therefore the obvious solution. That’s also the way it is!

What Lee has successfully done is to marry together two seemingly opposing professions in a way that not only makes a lot of sense, the outcome also massively benefits both parties.

I think the best way to describe my feelings when I first came across Point and Click Coaching is that I felt an incredible sense of relief and excitement, 'though still tinged with a reasonable measure of caution!

In his initial videos and emails, Lee McIntyre spoke in ways that were different from most I’d come across before, so I was prepared to give it a go – especially since he was giving away a DVD with information that people had paid a lot of money to acquire on his weekend course.

That was the best move I ever made and since that time the amount of FREE information I’ve received has been amazing. My excitement has continued to grow and I’m now signed up for his coaching programme and have absolutely no regrets!

I can’t emphasise too much – get this now while the offer is still open and see how Lee's money making tips can make a difference to your internet business.

More Evidence

I've already told you quite a bit about Lee McIntyre and the fact that he always over-delivers, but this morning I got another example.

I couldn't access the website yesterday afternoon and because I'd been having some problems myself I wasn't sure if it was my computer or the Point and Click Coaching site that was down. So - I sent a frantic email to the support desk.

In fact it came on again within about 3 hours but I still wasn't sure whose fault it was. I closed down for the evening, and when I opened up today there was an email, sent last night not long after I'd closed down. It was from James Teale the Affiliate Manager (who answers lots of my queries.)

He apologised that their site had been down, said that an engineer was working on it and he'd spoken to Lee who insisted that James arranged free access to his $497 Super Sales Funnel System course to say sorry for the inconvenience and to hopefully make up for the delay. What's more, James had already gone ahead and set up my access to the course.

Now how cool is that? How many website owners would take that action? I think that’s a great example of living your philosophy - not just talking about it!

Are you still wondering why I believe in this guy?