Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Observations

When I see what I’ve written about Point and Click Coaching, I have to say I’m quite - no, VERY - surprised. I never thought I’d be writing these things about ANY internet business or programme, given that I’m so sceptical. But I’ve been so impressed that my attitude, in this instance at least, has completely changed.

While it’s true my antenna was alerted, I also thought it looked very interesting and different so I figured there would be no harm in at least taking a look. At least I would possibly learn some money making tips! But do you know what? I’m so glad I did as I got much more!

I watched and listened to Lee McIntyre on the Point and Click Coaching DVD. He wasn’t just making a video recording, he was teaching live with actual people who could challenge him there and then if they wanted to – but they didn’t. And as I watched I understood why.

This guy is genuine! Like me he comes from a 'person-centred' profession – in his case formal education and in mine, both informal education and welfare – and he works in a way that resonates with me. That’s great news because I’d begun to believe that integrity and helping people couldn’t sit easily alongside internet marketing. But Lee’s philosophy is that if you give to and help people, many of them will reciprocate by helping you.

Now for me this is very important. My driving force is, and always has been, helping others – that’s just the way it is. However, I also need to make some money! That proved to be extremely difficult for someone living in a foreign country and whose language skills are not sufficiently honed to easily work in a rural area of France where unemployment is very high. The internet was therefore the obvious solution. That’s also the way it is!

What Lee has successfully done is to marry together two seemingly opposing professions in a way that not only makes a lot of sense, the outcome also massively benefits both parties.


I think the best way to describe my feelings when I first came across Point and Click Coaching is that I felt an incredible sense of relief and excitement, 'though still tinged with a reasonable measure of caution!

In his initial videos and emails, Lee McIntyre spoke in ways that were different from most I’d come across before, so I was prepared to give it a go – especially since he was giving away a DVD with information that people had paid a lot of money to acquire on his weekend course.

That was the best move I ever made and since that time the amount of FREE information I’ve received has been amazing. My excitement has continued to grow and I’m now signed up for his coaching programme and have absolutely no regrets!

I can’t emphasise too much – get this now while the offer is still open and see how Lee's money making tips can make a difference to your internet business.


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