Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Brilliant Discovery!

I want to explain to you about Lee McIntyre and his Point and Click Coaching – Free DVD offer which I think is absolutely awesome!

If you’re like me you've searched for money making ideas and tried many different ways over a long period of time (around 3-4 years in my case) to create an online business, but I’ve been foiled by the sheer extent of the learning curve and the technology.

By now you're probably very disillusioned - I know I was! It wasn't like I was expecting to make quick cash, but when you've worked long and hard and earned almost nothing from your endeavours (in fact it cost me a lot of money) it is very, very dis-heartening.

Admittedly some programmes I joined were very helpful in that they told me WHAT I needed to do, but they didn't tell me HOW to do it myself. As a result I became really fed up and frustrated with constantly ‘getting stuck’ because I couldn’t get over the hurdles that confronted me!’

I guess, like many people, I became so accustomed to being ripped off, tricked into buying products on the premise that I absolutely needed them to succeed, that they would help me to make lots of money or would be the difference in my internet business between succeeding and failing – but in the end they didn’t deliver.

We’ve all been let down on quality, found that when the money is paid we've received little or no support, and so on… and you don’t have to do this too many times to become extremely cautious and cynical when something comes along that seems just TOO good to be true.

What I desperately needed were three things:

1. To be taken me by the hand and lead step-by-step through the process.

2. To have money making ideas that would have cash coming in quickly. (Nothing spurs you on as much as success!)

3. To be able to trust in the programme and the person running it!

What a relief it was to come across Lee McIntyre and his Point and Click Coaching Programme!

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