Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Evidence

I've already told you quite a bit about Lee McIntyre and the fact that he always over-delivers, but this morning I got another example.

I couldn't access the website yesterday afternoon and because I'd been having some problems myself I wasn't sure if it was my computer or the Point and Click Coaching site that was down. So - I sent a frantic email to the support desk.

In fact it came on again within about 3 hours but I still wasn't sure whose fault it was. I closed down for the evening, and when I opened up today there was an email, sent last night not long after I'd closed down. It was from James Teale the Affiliate Manager (who answers lots of my queries.)

He apologised that their site had been down, said that an engineer was working on it and he'd spoken to Lee who insisted that James arranged free access to his $497 Super Sales Funnel System course to say sorry for the inconvenience and to hopefully make up for the delay. What's more, James had already gone ahead and set up my access to the course.

Now how cool is that? How many website owners would take that action? I think that’s a great example of living your philosophy - not just talking about it!

Are you still wondering why I believe in this guy?


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