Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Workshop

I count myself very fortunate to have come across Lee as he's a top UK Internet Marketer who has some of the best money making ideas I've come across. He recently presented his "Inside Out / Upside Down" Workshop in Manchester UK where he taught the exact steps he'd taken to build his business and to start earning $20,000 per month – from scratch - in just 56 days! And he did it his own way, not the way most other so-called ‘marketing gurus’ do it.

He taught it to enthralled participants (and as an ex high school teacher before starting his online business, I can tell you he is extremely good at teaching!)

He revealed exactly what's working in his business right now - no secrets - and, what's more, the bulk of the closely-guarded strategies and techniques Lee teaches are ones he invented himself so there is no-one else teaching them!

(Yes - that means that HE went through the difficult process of 'working things out' and 'getting stuck' until he found what worked, so that WE don't have to!)

For two days - Lee wowed his audience with his teachings on ‘The Massive Monthly Payrise Method’, ‘Deep Connection Dynamics’, ‘Automatic Traffic Control’, and his ‘Affiliate Army Method’... to name but a few! In fact, the attendees in their feedback said they were utterly amazed by the sheer amount of profitable 'how to' information he shared over that two days.

(I think it's worth pointing out that many of the people attending had paid $997 for the ticket alone, not to mention the cost of accommodation and travel, but given the feedback Lee received over the two days regarding how valuable it was, he could have charged many times that price!)

Sadly, Lee has stated that he won't be teaching this workshop ever again as it was a one-off. Its fortunate then that he had a professional camera crew present to record the entire workshop and capture every profitable strategy and golden nugget of marketing information delivered over the two full days!

You can now get the recording, on DVD, and in it he reveals many of his money making ideas for FREE!

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